Want to be a columnist?

Last year, the UWO Medical Journal (UWOMJ) launched its internet counterpart in the form of a blog. Currently, the blog is still being revamped. This year, we are looking for people who are interested in writing for the blog on a semi-regular basis (every one or two months). A column centres around an overarching topic as defined by the columnist and blog editor, and can be in the form of a written article, podcast, video, or art work. We are hoping to have three or four more columns running throughout the year and summer. These columns can be written by one person, or a group of people are a collaborating/alternating basis. An excerpt your column may be published in the UWOMJ. If you are interested in taking on this role for the UOWMJ Blog, please email me at uwomj [ at ] meds [ dot ] uwo [ dot ] ca

In your email, please:
1. Introduce yourself
2. Provide some background on who you are
3. Outline what you would like to write about in your column (example topics: experience as a first year student, food, compare and contrasting being a patient vs. health care professional, development of anticogulants, the hip and trendy sport of croquet, etc)
4. If applicable, state any qualifications you possess that would allow you to be a trustworthy source of information (e.g. if you are writing a column on medications, you need to at least have taken a couple of pharmacology courses)
5. How often would you like to contribute?
6. Submit the first issue of your column

The deadline for submission is January 18, 2013.

If you are interested in submitting articles for the UWOMJ or the Blog on a non-regular basis, please stay tuned for our call for submissions!