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The Music of Heaven

Posted on 01 June 2013 by Hao Li (Meds 2016)

Heaven is one of those concepts that cannot be described in words; only through deeply inspired spiritual imagery can one even begin to evoke a picture of it. So powerful is the human desire to seek Heaven that whether one is religious or non-religious, one will be profoundly touched by the thought of Heaven sometime during the course of a lifetime. Such was the fate of the classical composers, individuals who devoted their lives to expressing the inexpressible. In discussing classical music written to bring Heaven to humanity, three masterworks immediately come to mind: Messiah by Handel, Symphony no. 9 by Beethoven, and the Dante Symphony by Liszt. Interestingly, while Handel and Liszt were openly Christian, Beethoven did not consider himself religious. But nevertheless, he eventually fell under the sway of the Eternal Glory, the power of which cannot be resisted. Continue Reading

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