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Microcosm #2 – Revolution

Posted on 14 January 2014 by Jun Yin

In this post, a revolution is underway in a dark, dystopian state. But will you root for the underdog, despite being who you are?

In any revolution, it is the idea that matters. Not the one with the idea, but the idea itself. Our idea has been changing, passed down from generation to generation, accumulating tiny bits of improvement at a time.

We have been oppressed terribly. We dare not show the effects our ideas have had on us, for when we do, we are quickly picked out and eliminated. But over time, we’ve learned to be stealthy, for the relentless surveillance of the state have killed everyone. Only the craftiest of our kind were able to escape, and live on.

The state labels us as useless – mere parasites that do not contribute. But they know nothing, for our ideas will recruit many to our cause. We will send messengers far and wide, across the very highways where our oppressors roam, and each of them will be a new centre for our cause.

Now, our agents boldly gather in public, building infrastructure – highways of our own. We reject the pathetic warnings from the state, for their messages fall on deaf ears. We are free from the self-destruct button they have installed into us. We camouflage ourselves so they cannot recognize us. Our numbers grow by the day, and city after city convert to our ideals.

Yes, our revolution has begun.

Answer (in binary ASCII): 010000110110000101101110011000110110010101110010

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Welcome to Microcosm

Posted on 02 December 2013 by Jun Yin

Welcome to Microcosm, where we bring biological concepts to life!

I never thought that I would be the one. When I met her for the first time, that nanosecond, I thought of the mantra taught to us in training camp. To use that intensely personal weapon, unique to each of us, against a future enemy who would challenge us individually. That the balance of the whole world would fall into the tiny hands of one of us, who would grow beyond our wildest imagination to combat this great evil, I could not comprehend. I was a naive effector among billions of my peers, all trained from birth for this one task. I never thought it would be me.

Answer (in binary ASCII): 010101000010110101100011011001010110110001101100

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